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>> QB 3 Components Elastomer Pouring Machine

QB 3 Components Elastomer Pouring Machine


QB 3 Components Elastomer Pouring Machine



Use: It is used for the polyurethane elastomer products TDI, MDI and MDQ series, at most it can reach 5 components, add three kinds of color sizing and one kind of additive directly.

1、The measure is accurate, the mixture ratio inaccuracy is less than 次0.5%;
2、Misce bene, the innovative mixing organization, dependable performance;
3、The late-model thermostatic apparatus, erature error is less than 次2≧;
4、The fire-new discharge vale, good vacuum degree, the product is macroscopy and free of blowholes, the purpose of raw material of MOQ markedness;
5、The color sizing and additive join the mixing head directly, reduction of cost, increase of efficiency.


The model number or extrudate(g/m)


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