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>> JHG30-A  Double-colored and Density High Pressure Machine

JHG30-A  Double-colored and Density High Pressure Machine


    Not merely limited to use the single prescription produces the products commercially(for example one pair of hardness crafts produces cushion and seat pad) demand of production line constantly increase, JHG30-A series high pressure machine is L-shaped, using two independent mixing room, poured in one export.
   Two mixing room is supplied by two independent metering equipment,(maybe two different polyol or Iso)or one three components(two Iso and one polyol,use one automatic valve to change it). This makes two different formulas to use in the same or different mould.
   The DHVA-4K mixing head can let high components outlet into a small space, this makes operator can operate easily.
   For make viscosity and output change bigger prescription can keep the perfect mixed result still, mix rifle head is furnished with clean piston stroke adjustable device still.
   In mixing head, the three hydraulic piston open and close, operate, control by three independent electromagnetic valve.


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