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>> JHG-P  Pentane High Pressure Foaming Machine

JHG-P  Pentane High Pressure Foaming Machine

Use: JHG-P Series Pentane High pressure foaming machine are widely used in Adiabatic layer of Refrigerator, building materials sandwich board Foam floride-frely, is really suitable in this trade, and Satisfied the requirement for environment protection of the refrigerators overseas markets.

Function and characteristic:
# Main parts such as metering pump, mixing head, programmable controller, high pressure components pipe, gas transducers head and the controlling channel card are all import items;
# The metering pump and the motor are connected with magnetic shaft coupling, to pro-long the pumps life and enhance the safety of the system;
# Main protect method:
     Installation isolation room and out wind device;
     Installation gas monitor the warning system;
     N2 protection;
     Adopt the anti-blast electric apparatus;
     Earthing the apparatus;
     Defend revealing controlling;
     Pouring N2 before minxing head;
     Pouring so as to exchange the air;
# Remote monitoring system.


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