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>> JH618    Polyurethane Low Pressure Foaming Machine (3 components)

JH618  Polyurethane Low Pressure Foaming Machine (3 components)

Suitable for: Hard, high resilient, slow reslient, self-skin formed foaming.
Use: Insulating device, handwheel, vehiv le seat cushion, fillings, slab materials, toys, gym equipments etc.

1、Mixing head: New-style pouring valve, accurate and synchronous outlet without block-up,good stirring, may be change may be change momentarily to produce the products of different colors and densities.
2、Metering pump: Use high precise metering pump, stepless variable drive, with range of ratio adjustment, reliable quality.
3、System: Microcomputer controlled, the control point of pouring quantity up to 999 ones, set up with temperature, pressure, rotating speed and cleaning systems.
4、Barrel: Layered-type insulating, SUS304 stainless steel.
5、Barrel: Layered-type insulating, using SUS304 stainless.
6、It can append the stuffing(optional parts).


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